🏡 Simpl

CPO, Co-founder

Everyone hates the rental process. From finding a property, to dealing with estate agents. Simpl aims to make the process as slick as possible. Landlords can perform affordability, credit and ID checks on tenants, and we have big plans to offer the simplest tool to navigate every step of the rental process.

🧠 MyKanban

CEO, Co-founder

I'm tired with how distracting digital tools are becoming. I'm tired at how I always feel overworked and stressed out. MyKanban is a productivity system designed to simplify things. Based off the Kanban methodology of seeing all work visibile and ruthlessly prioritising what's important, I'm looking forward to bring it into the world


CEO, Co-founder

Friction was built from my personal frustration with apps exploiting users by utilising addictive design techniques. Friction lets users select apps they would like to use more intentionally, and then delays their opening by 7 seconds, making app use a more conscious choice.


Product Manager